Fort Worth Botanic Garden / Japanese Gardens


 The Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth is a lovely place to hold a wedding. Especially in the spring when the flowers are fragrant and in full bloom.  They offers over 100 acres of living botanical backdrop, with a curated collection of 22 gardens featuring 14 distinct outdoor and 8 indoor locations that can accommodate a wide range of party sizes. From lavish and intimate to large and laid back, we are the natural selection for your welcome party, ceremony, and reception.

The Rose Gardens provides an instant, effortless elegance for any event. With a cascade of roses leading downstairs from the Shelter House to the Reflection Pool and fountain, the Lower Rose Garden is a traditional and timeless setting for your wedding.

 The Fort Worth Japanese Garden is located in the historic Botanic Gardens. The Japanese Gardens is 7 acres filled with japanese maples, waterfalls, koi fish, and much more.  The Pavilion venue is set in the trees above the garden, allowing a majestic overlook view for your guests in a large private setting with an attached kitchen.


Botanic Garden


Japanese Garden

We enjoy creating the perfect ceremony and reception experience for your guests at the Forth Worth Botanic and Japanese Gardens.

We are very familiar with the  Forth Worth Botanic and Japanese Gardens.  We know exactly the proper equipment for the chapel and reception areas.  This ensures your wedding is in the best hands.

First Dance - Japanese Gardens

Our long experience working with  Forth Worth Botanic and Japanese Gardens gives us an extra edge at keeping your ceremony and reception moving smoothly. We love working closely with the Forth Worth Botanic and Japanese Gardens staff to make your wedding perfect.